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“Man Card” Experience

If you’re the “go big or go home” type, then look no further than The Man Card. This no-holds-barred adrenaline ride takes it to the max with 360 rounds of heart-pumping exhilaration. Take control of the room as you fire eleven revered weapons of war including the Heckler & Koch HK-91 and AK-47 alongside our one of our highly trained professionals who knows how to handle these beauties. Bragging rights are guaranteed and a Man Card is issued at the end of this unforgettable bucket-list experience.


Guns Rounds
Lil Ass Kicker 50
.44 Magnum 10
M4 Commando 50
AK-47 50
HK-91 20
HK MP5 50
VEPR 12 10
M14 / SOCOM 20
Sawed Off Shotgun 10
HK G36 50
M60 or M1919 40